Sunday, 18 November 2007


Local and national businesses, large and small are being threatened by demands from the Performing Rights Society (PRS). They are using fear tactics which are nothing short of criminal to make you pay for a licence to have a radio in the workplace.

If you have not yet been contacted by the PRS take my advice and give them no information, just put the phone down - you will feel so much better.
If you have a licence already - send it back for a refund and switch off!
If you receive a licence you haven't requested - send it back to the PRS.

Act now! Join the increasing number of businesses concerned by this and SWITCH YOUR RADIO OFF NOW!

Having taken advice it would appear that if an employee brough a radio into work and it is not linked to a PA system you do not need a licence.

There is a national petition running which you can sign by clicking the link on the right hand side of the page (e-petition).


Abi said...

Firstly - explore all the options out there. Why is it everyone would rather pump out *whichever* radio station playing the same tired old stuff repeatedly over and over again?
The way to go is 'independant' - meaning stations not affiliated with any of the major stations that only play independant music from any unsigned/small label act. Not possible? think again!
All you need is an mp3 player and internet access!
even a simple 256mb mp3 player will give you a days worth of music and entertainment *easily* and it's easier than you think and saves a lot of bother!
My understanding of having a radio in the workplace is that as long as it's not in a public part of the premises and there are four people (or less) able to hear within the vicinity - it's ok. It beats me how shops, market stalls and stores get away with pumping out loud music all day - and by rights, it's those that should be hit the hardest (I would if I could!)

chicchick said...

well said totally agree with this comment

Bemused26 said...

abi- prs claim you need a license for any type of music played, even if it's by independent artists. Also the prs doesn't make a distinction on the number of people that can hear the radio, if a person is playing a radio or even music off the internet, if another employee can hear it then according to prs you need a license. it's disgraceful in my opinion!

Retail Phil said...

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